August 15, 2012
The Gospel Blues Society launch date.
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September 27, 2012
The Gospel Blues Society Concert in the park.
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Welcome to The Gospel Blues Society!
Bringing this message to the world!

I have always been a fan of blues, but when I heard it called "The Devil's Music", I said, "Wait a minute, this isn't right. Blues grew out of the field hollers, went into the church, out to the bars, and finally back into the church in the 30s and 40s when blues pianists played blues behind the preacher's preaching. I have done extensive research on how modern blues has developed, and with my experience as a musician, I realized I could be the one to bring this message to the world and put Gospel Blues in its rightful place.

The music is the blues, the lyrics can bring the Gospel message, and we can "take" this music back from the Devil! It is the lyrics that make a worship song, not the song form. This site is dedicated to Gospel Blues, its history, promotion, and all the fans. Please be patient as we get up and running. It is a labor of love, looking for a few helping hands to get it rolling.